Zentrum für InfektionsMedizin München

Welcome to the International Symposium
“Catch me if you can: Viral offense and immune defense” of the SFB 455 “Viral functions and immune modulation”
October 6th to 7th 2010.

At this meeting, we are proud to present 21 internationally renowned speakers in the fields of virology, immunology and gene therapy and the latest achievements of the intensive research and fruitful collaborations within the SFB 455. We hope to share this excellent scientific program with a broad audience and therefore the meeting is completely free of charge. We kindly invite students, postdocs and principal investigators to register.

The symposium will take place in the heart of Munich at the Klinikum rechts der Isar (Lecture hall A) and will highlight cutting edge research from all the areas that are represented in our SFB.

We hope that this meeting, organized by the junior faculty of the SFB 455, will be both inspiring and scientifically rewarding for you.

We look forward to meeting you in October!

The SFB 455 junior faculty

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Andrew Baker  Glasgow, UK
Ludger Klein Munich, D
Chris A. Benedict La Jolla, USA
Antonio Lanzavecchia Bellinzona, CH
Thomas Brocker Munich, D
Paul Lieberman Philadelphia, USA
Roberto Cattaneo Rochester, USA
Michel Nussenzweig New York, USA
Karl-Klaus Conzelmann Munich, D
Peter Palese New York, USA
Mark Dudley Bethesda, USA
Vincent Racaniello New York, USA
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre New York, USA
Alan Rickinson Birmingham, UK
Wolfgang Hammerschmidt Munich, D
Jürgen Ruland Munich, D
Karl-Peter Hopfner Munich, D
Ken Shortman Melbourne, AUS
Veit Hornung Bonn, D
Marc Veldhoen Cambridge, UK
Mark A. Kay Stanford, USA